Yuhan Corporation’s ‘IgE Trap; YH35324’ Surpasses ‘Xolair’ in Phase 1 Trials, Delivering Superior IgE Suppression in High IgE Patients (biospectator.com)

Yuhan Corporation’s ‘IgE Trap; YH35324’ Surpasses ‘Xolair’ in Phase 1 Trials, Delivering Superior IgE Suppression in High IgE Patients YH35324 is an Fc fusion protein of the IgE series, ‘IgE Trap’, which is a form that fuses the extracellular domain of the IgE receptor (FcεR1) with a hybrid Fc. Its main mechanism of action is […]

‘Amivantamab’ and ‘Lazertinib’ Combination Treatment Shows Extended PFS as First-line of Therapy in NSCLC

Yuhan Corporation’s 3rd generation EGFR TKI, ‘Lazertinib’, has taken another step towards its global blockbuster aspirations.This achievement comes as a result of successful outcomes in the clinical trial named ‘MARIPOSA,’ in which Janssen evaluated the anti-cancer drug ‘Amivantamab’ in combination with ‘Lazertinib’ compared to AstraZeneca’s ‘Osimertinib’. According to industry reports on October 2nd, Janssen, a […]

Yuhan Corporation Announces Free Supply of Its New Lung Cancer Drug “Lazertinib” Until Covered by Insurance through Expanded Access Program (EAP) in South Korea

Yuhan Corporation, a leading pharmaceutical company, has announced that it will provide its newly developed drug, “Lazertinib,” as a first-line treatment for free until it is covered by health insurance in South Korea. This initiative is in line with the company’s commitment to giving back to society, a value that was cherished by its late […]

Business Development Manager Position Opening

Yuhan USA Corporation– 유한양행 미국 법인 Work locations: San Diego, CA or Boston, MA Employee type: Full-time Visa Sponsorship available: No Contact Information: info@yuhan-usa.com 유한USA는 96년의 전통을 가진 한국 최대 제약회사 중 하나인 유한양행의 미국 법인으로 유한양행이 글로벌 제약사로 발돋움 하기 위한 세계화 전략의 전초기지로서 사업 개발 및 신약 개발 협업의 기회를 함께할 인재를 찾고 […]

Yuhan Corporation confirms efficacy of Lazertinib, a new drug for NSCLC in Phase 3 trial

The top line results for the phase 3 clinical trial of the 3rd generation EGFR TKI ‘Lazertinib’ being developed by Yuhan Corporation have been announced. The results confirmed the efficacy of Lazertinib as a first-line treatment and Yuhan Corporation plans to submit an application for approval to expand indications in South Korea in Q1 of […]

PCS12852 Improves Gastric Emptying in Gastroparesis Patients

Processa Pharmaceuticals announced that positive gastric emptying results from its PCS12852 Phase 2A Proof-of-Concept trial in patients with moderate to severe gastroparesis. PCS12852 is a novel, potent, and highly selective 5-hydroxytryptamine-4 (5-HT4) receptor agonist, originally developed by Yuhan Corporation in South Korea, and exclusively licensed to Processa Pharmaceuticals in August 2020 (https://bit.ly/30iKnMR). This Phase 2A […]

[Job Opening] Business Development Manager – Boston office

[채용 공고]유한양행 미국 법인 – 유한 USA Position:Business Development Manager Work location:Boston, MA Responsibilities:1.개방형 기술혁신 및 In/Out Licensing Partnering 사업개발2.유망 바이오 기업 발굴 및 전략적 투자활동3.신약개발 연구 및 바이오 파마 동향 정보 수집 Qualifications: (Required)1.해외 제약사/바이오텍 근무 혹은 그에 준하는 경력2.영주권 또는 시민권 소지자3.영어 능통4.신약 개발 관련 전공 분야 석사 이상 Qualifications: (Preferred)1.해외 제약사 사업개발(Business […]

Yuhan Corporation to create a state-of-the-art R&D cluster in Gunpo-City, South Korea

Yuhan Corporation is working together with Gunpo City, South Korea to create a high-tech bio research base and CMC center in the industrial area of Dangjeong-dong, Gunpo. Yuhan Corporation will make an investment of approximately 80 billion Won ($66.7M USD) towards the bio research center and CMC center project. Through the establishment of this bio […]