[Job Opening] Business Development Manager – Boston office

[채용 공고]
유한양행 미국 법인 – 유한 USA

Business Development Manager

Work location:
Boston, MA

1.개방형 기술혁신 및 In/Out Licensing Partnering 사업개발
2.유망 바이오 기업 발굴 및 전략적 투자활동
3.신약개발 연구 및 바이오 파마 동향 정보 수집

Qualifications: (Required)
1.해외 제약사/바이오텍 근무 혹은 그에 준하는 경력
2.영주권 또는 시민권 소지자
3.영어 능통
4.신약 개발 관련 전공 분야 석사 이상

Qualifications: (Preferred)
1.해외 제약사 사업개발(Business Development) 경험
2.신약개발 관련 전공분야 박사 학위 소지자
3.Venture Capital 근무 경력자
4.MBA 소지자

Documents for Application:
영문 또는 국문 이력서(CV/Resume) 및 자기 소개서 (cover letter)

Salary & Benefits:
Industry competitive Salary and benefit package including 401K

Contact Information:

Yuhan USA Corporation was established in January 2018 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yuhan Corporation, Korea’s largest pharmaceutical company with a 96-year heritage.

As an outpost of Yuhan’s globalization strategy, Yuhan USA is searching for business development and collaboration opportunities in new drug assets and companies that share our drive towards excellence in medicine.

The Business Development Manager will have the responsibility of exploring new business opportunities and in-licensing novel assets that align with Yuhan USA’s focused therapeutic areas.

•Build relationships with potential business partners, outside counsel, and other key external parties
•Attend conferences, seminars, meetings, and industry events as a representative of Yuhan USA
•Act as a liaison between external partners and internal R&D team; facilitate meetings in regards to product development, R&D collaboration, and other issues
•Perform research and analysis for focused therapeutic areas; report to the management and R&D department

•MS in Life Sciences, Pharmacy, Biology, or related discipline
•Relevant biotech or pharmaceutical industry experience
•Fluent in English
•Excellent interpersonal, networking, and communication skills

•MBA, Ph.D., or other advanced degrees
•Experiences in drug research, development, and commercialization activities
•Fluent in Korean

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