About Us

About Us


Yuhan USA Corporation was established in January 2018, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yuhan Corporation.

As an outpost of Yuhan’s globalization strategy, Yuhan USA is actively seeking new opportunities to expand its business domain by searching for new drug assets and companies that match Yuhan’s targeted therapeutic areas within its open innovation platform.

Yuhan USA currently focuses its efforts on global in-licensing and strategic investment in the areas of targeted therapies, immuno-oncology, NASH, metabolic diseases, CNS & neurodegenerative diseases.


Headquartered in the dynamic city of Seoul, Yuhan Corporation is South Korea’s largest pharmaceutical company.

Guided by its core values of progress and integrity, Yuhan Corporation researches and develops new prescription medicines and produces active pharmaceutical products and intermediates, such as antivirals, antibiotics, antihistamines, antidiabetics, beta-lactamase inhibitors, CNS intermediates, and PEGylated compounds. In addition, Yuhan manufactures various consumer products including vitamins and minerals, as well as dermatology and analgesic drugs.

With a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Yuhan has not only achieved the highest market cap and sales revenue in the Korean pharmaceutical industry, but has also been voted by the Korean Management Association as one of the most respected and trusted companies in South Korea for 19 consecutive years.




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Top Selling Pharma in S. Korea (1.2 B USD, 2019)


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19 years

Voted as Most Respected Company in S. Korea


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