Focus & Partners

Focus & Partners

Our Focus

Yuhan USA is establishing collaborative partnerships with academic research centers, biotech startups,
and government-funded research institutes in the United States.

Yuhan’s Open Innovation Model

Yuhan Corporation has been engaged in its Open Innovation initiative to expand its R & D pipelines and to capture new technologies. To support Yuhan’s global open innovation drive, Yuhan USA spearheads global expansion initiatives while enabling cutting-edge clinical trials and new therapeutic R & D efforts.

R & D Pipeline

(As of 2019)

Our Partners

Yuhan has an impressive track record of successful cooperative research initiatives involving technology transfers, in- and out-licensing, joint research, development collaborations, and commissioned research agreements.

Yuhan continues to welcome collaborative opportunities with inspiring partners to synergize expertise and resources for mutual reward. With its vibrant research atmosphere and competitive research capabilities, Yuhan is an ideal international research and development partner.

Maximizing R&D Value via Partnerships